Introducing the New Day Planner
A distraction free way to stay productive
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Ditch the Notepad
Carpe streamlines the process of planning out a chunk of time with an app that fits in the palm of your hand. Then it keeps you on track.
What about a system of 20 minute breaks combined with periods of focus? Yep, Carpe supports that. A fan of the Pomodoro technique? Carpe has your back.
An app is as good as its design, and Carpe knows that. Not a single line has been added where it shouldn’t be. Anyone using the app for the first time will be instantly familiar.
Form follows function, and this is true for Carpe. Adding items onto your list in a few taps. Shortcuts allow you to add events with commonly used intervals instantly.
Productivity Matters
Notifications, a progress bar, and a timeline keep you on track. With Carpe, getting distracted will be harder than ever.
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